Read Testimonials From Dr. Shackelford’s Actual Patients


“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Shackelford and his staff.”

Denise S.

“Jill does a great job running the office, handling scheduling and billing with various insurance.”

John K.

“Thank you for re-establishing my e-mail for updates on my dental appointments.”

Karen W.

“I felt and was treated like family!”

Arthur H.

“Coleen was very professional and courteous. Good job!”

John L.

“Dr.Dr Shakelford has the best equipment and is gentle. I have an aversion to pain (who doesn’t) and will avoid dentists because I hate pain. However, I received a recommendation from my friend about Dr. Shakelford and have been going here for years. He is not part of my dental HMO and I think he charges more than other dentists, but I still go to him. I would recommend him to someone who hates going to the dentist.”

Margaret Lane