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Halloween Fun, Candy, Cavities!

Halloween Treat Eating Tips:

Halloween has become a national favorite holiday. In fact, it is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. Much of the fun is getting ready for Halloween – the decorations, deciding on costumes and buying candy. If you buy the candy early in October, chances are you will be buying more candy later in the month!

Then the big night comes when the kiddie’s bags are filled with all that candy! Just to let you know, we are not trying to be the scrooge of Halloween. Just want to give you a few Halloween candy eating tips to keep those teeth beautiful and cavity free.

  • Don’t deny your children the Halloween experience
    Not allowing your children enjoy the festivities can send the wrong message about and can make sweets even more irresistible, leading to other problems. Make it a special occasion just like going to parties or other special occasions.
  • Use the occasion to implement good dental care habits
    This is a good time to remind them about excess sugar on their teeth and in their bodies. Most everything is OK in moderation. The message is that candy is not bad, but that candy and other sweets can lead to cavities and potentially other health issues are done in excess. Help them to learn how to control their diets and that what they eat relates to oral health, not just physical health.
  • Set up a “treat time” – after school, after dinner
    Have them select from their selection one or two items to eat at one time. Then put away until the next designated treat time. Children should learn that eating sweets is not an all day, any time you want, as much as you want indulgence.
  • Set up special teeth brushing regime – soon after the “treat time”.
    Whenever your designated treat time is, brushing should be soon after. According to the American Dental Association, using a fluoride mouth wash for kids can aid in preventing tooth decay.
  • Adults, if you sneak a treat, avoid the sticky and hard candy that can wreck your dental work!

Candy and Cavities

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