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Worried You Might Have a Cavity?

Laser Dentistry

If you’re worried because you think it might hurt – worry no more. Dentistry of Johns Creek uses the latest in technology to fill and repair teeth that are damaged due to tooth decay. Dr. Robert Shackelford offers the WaterLase iPlus, an all tissue laser system. This is one of the most exciting new dental technologies currently available. It is superior alternative technology for patient friendly treatment. “No shot, no drill, no pain” is not a claim of clinical efficacy, but a goal with the use of the Waterlase iPlus Laser. Using the most advanced wavelength, we are able to quickly and safely remove cavities without the use of a drill. The laser keeps the tooth comfortable as it is working, so for the specific type of filling, there isn’t a need for anesthetic.

Because each patient’s perception of discomfort during treatment is based on individual sensitivity to pain, treatment history, and the procedure being performed, not all patients can be treated without anesthetic. However, at Dentistry of Johns Creek, we find in the majority of cases, anesthetic is not needed when using Waterlase to perform typical cavity preparations.

Patients come to Dentistry of Johns Creek from all over north Georgia such as Alpharetta, Cumming, Duluth, Suwanee and Roswell just because they have heard about Dentistry of Johns Creek using the Waterlase iPlus system. Anytime you can use a laser instead of the “drill” patients will come.

The Waterlase is a cleaner, safer dental instrument. The use of the Waterlase lasers eliminates the risk of cross contamination. The flawless tip surfaces cannot harbor debris or bacteria and the laser works without contact to tooth or tissue.

How Does WaterLase MD Work?

The Waterlase MD™ is a revolutionary dental device that uses a combination of laser energy and water, a process called HydroPhotonics™, to perform many traditional dental procedures using “energized water” with less anesthesia or none at all.

Heat, vibration, and pressure are what make dental drills hurt. Waterlase Dentistry works without heat, vibration or pressure, and can replace the drill for many dental procedures. Waterlase Dentistry uses a gentle combination of laser energy and water that works without ever touching your teeth. That means we can use fewer shots and less anesthetic in many cases. The laser works on both teeth and gums. It can even be used for oral surgery on the bone around teeth.

When combined with offering a less invasive, more precise form of treatment that conserves healthy tooth structure, the Waterlase MD™ transforms your dental experience. It reduces patient anxiety, minimizes pain and trauma, and creates a more comfortable experience for patients.
The patients at Dentistry of Johns Creek love that they now can leave the dentist office, after having a cavity filled, without a numb lip. If you have worried about having a possible cavity filled, worry no more! Make your appointment now at Dentistry of Johns Creek which is conveniently located in Suwanee, GA adjoining Alpharetta, Cumming, and Duluth.

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